Friday, October 28, 2011

Today I am playing with Orchids, and it is fascinating because I had no idea there were so many different varieties. I go into the grocery store and they always have gorgeous ones. Lowe's had them in Georgia. Tons of them, and I bought a plant, knowing full well that I do wonderful things with house plants that do not bloom, but bring a blooming plant into my home and it dies within 10 days! It is an interesting phenomenon that I do not understand. Because the last one I bought in Georgia, after a week, looked so pathetic, I ended up giving it to my daughter-in-law, who for some reason or other can make any blooming plant bloom 10 times more than any normal flowering plant should. After a week's hospitalization at her house, the Orchid looked gorgeous. She did end up with quite a few blooming plants that way, and now I have given it up.

So I figure if I can't grow them, I might be able to draw them and create interesting blocks out of them that hopefully other Orchid lovers will enjoy!
These are 12" blocks that I am preparing to put on Pam's Club, and I am wondering if I should offer them in 12" and 18". I sketched out an interesting framed looking wall quilt and am wondering if that is the way to go - or just let the talented quilters out there do whatever they want with them!
There is nothing that I enjoy more than dabbling in different fabrics, so I had fun with these. Several different fabric companies are represented in these blocks.
Last year I became acquainted with Wilmington Fabrics, and I just love them. Interesting patterns that give movement to a design and lovely colors. So look for these soon.
I am actually taking the weekend off to finish unpacking the final boxes sitting around this house, so that I no longer feel like I am living out of a suitcase or a box!
The high point of today came when 7 Mule deer were grazing in my front yard, one was a little 2 point buck and I grabbed my camera and ran for the window before The Incredible Hulk had a chance to bark and scare them off!
Boy! It's good to be home! Inspiration everywhere I look!


  1. Beautiful designs, congratulations for such creativity.

    A hug from COSTA RICA.

  2. Deus abençoe quantas maravilhas Já fiquei por aqui