Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well Hello! You guys must think I'm either lazy or don't care, but I do. I have been working on new 18" blocks and Susan is working on the king version of the beautiful rose colored quilt shown. This is the lap version. We have been hoping to have all of this online by the end of the week, but now, I'm not sure. We were also going to film, but that too has been impossible.
Our move to Colorado was exhausting to say the least. Fortunately we had a lot of help, but it took us about 5-6 weeks to actually get most of the boxes unpacked. Our goal, (which we did meet) was to get the offices set up first; then work on the house and get the kitchen and our bedroom and bath unpacked. The rest could wait, and it did!
From what I can tell in looking at other people's Blogs, folks have a tendency to be pretty honest about what is going on in their lives, and as that is somewhat my nature, at least it shows that we are not immune from everyday problems, and sometimes they are big enough to cause monster stress, as our move did.
The home we are living in is leased at the moment, however we hope to purchase it in the fall. We are in love with the house and never thought of any problems, but we leased it from Georgia, and although Susan and Molly came and looked at it, it's different leasing, as you do not tend to have building inspectors come, etc. We have been here 8 weeks as of yesterday.
Now that may seem like a long time, but when you are working, filming, trying to unpack and get settled, it really flies by. Robert was the first who began to get sick about 3 - 4 weeks ago. He went to the doctor with a huge sinus infection that antibiotics would not touch. It never really went away. I can't believe anyone wants to live on antibiotics as it destroys your immune system, so he finally went to see an allergist in Durango. I started to get headaches, which is very unusual for me. Then Molly began getting severe sinus headaches. Everyone had a symptom of some kind except The Incredible Hulk, but he can't talk, so we really don't know.
To make a long story short, we hired the best contractor in the area to come over and look at the house, and what they found was mold, mushrooms and really disgusting spiders all over the crawl space in the basement. It was determined that Robert has a mold allergy, and they gave him an anti-fungal which has helped his sinus infection. I guess the rest of us are also allergic to mold as well. This was a pretty good infestation of the stuff, and fortunately the owners have been great and the contractors begin working tomorrow to get rid of the mold and seal off the room. We have to leave the house for 8 hours on Tuesday which isn't a big deal as I have yet to get all of my Christmas shopping done so we will just go shop and visit friends in Durango. The contractors come in with the HazMat suits (not sure if that is spelled right). Looks like something out of the movie "Outbreak", and Robert wants to ask them if they will be able to find the Monkey!! No one will understand that if you haven't seen "Outbreak".
I am working on getting my stress level way down as it seems that when it rains it pours. So hopefully things will return to normal by Thursday. We've had a pretty decent snow storm. Looks like about 8-10 inches and it's still going.
Is everyone ready for Christmas??? My lifelong friend is coming on the 14th to stay with us for 2 weeks through the Holidays so everyone will have a Newsletter and new designs before then. I guess I had better finish these patterns and get my body into the kitchen!! Baking is next on my list of things to do!


  1. Gorgeous! You Lazy.. Yeah right! Thank You for the morning chuckle. I am glad things are going good for you!

  2. Oh Pam
    I have just watched our news here in Australia to see the huge devistation in colorado springs due to the fires. (29 June 2012). We pray you are okay and we are keeping the whole colorado community in our prayers.

  3. Pam, Help, I am working on one of your designs, The mountain greenery tree skirt, from your book rotary cutter quilts, love this pattern. Anyway, I can't find the measurements for the trunk on the little tree blocks. It's missing, I don't know if its a typo and I really don't want to guess. It's the B-2 piece. I'm stuck lol. thanks Paula

  4. Hello Pam, I'm thanking their great ideas and information
    Congratulations on the Blog, that beautiful work. I'm following you
    A great good week.