Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hope everyone sticks with me for about 4 weeks. This week I had a Newsletter to complete and then our server crashed with too many hits. I guess that's good news - right?
Quilting is a huge thing that makes me "tick", but it is the designing, choosing fabrics and seeing people happy with the designs that does the trick for me. I like the designing part the best. It used to be the sewing, but I'm at the computer so much now, that the designing gives me a break from all of the other things involved with running a business and hoping that things go well on a daily basis.

My writing, (which I have had little time for) is becoming more and more important, and I sneak a little in here and there. What constitutes a Miracle in my opinion is what I am writing about now, but it will have to wait until I get to Colorado and get settled.

This post is about me too, and the things that really "move" me emotionally. I guess this says a lot about my thoughts and feelings, so I will share this little story. Robert and I have had English Bulldogs for over 30 years. We lost one last year. Each time, it gets harder, but it doesn't stop us. The Incredible Hulk will be 9 years old on the 17th of this month, and thankfully he is doing very well.

One night I was working on a Facebook post and one of the side ads caught my eye. I think Facebook knows everything about everyone, because I continually have quilting and Bulldogs floating by me when I'm on Facebook, and oh yes, Barry Manilow! I clicked on the ad, and it was Bulldog Rescue of St. Louis, MO. Now, Robert and I grew up in St. Louis, met there, and married there. It was in 1985 that Colorado became our home. So it was the combination of the words "Bulldog Rescue" and "St. Louis" that made me click on it.

I'm no good at reading about abused animals. I can not fathom how anyone can abuse an animal, but they do, and fortunately there are wonderful people out there that do help. The Bulldog that caught my eye was a gorgeous white one who looked a lot like the one we lost last October. I read the story about him, and that night I had trouble going to sleep. It just haunted me, and I kept wondering over and over about him until tonight. This story has a happy ending folks!

His name is Harley, and at the age of 2 he developed "dry eye". Now this condition was easily treated by just putting two drops of medication in each eye twice a day. The people who owned him, just didn't care enough, or take the time to do that, so consequently, Harley went completely blind. He was rescued by St. Louis Bulldog Rescue and they have worked with him for months. He finally got to know the pleasure of playing with toys, which he had never been exposed to before. These wonderful people worked with him until he could find his way around in his surroundings and go up and down two steps on a lead. They were working on finding Harley just the right home, and every night I thought about him before I went to bed. The right owners had to commit to putting drops in Harley's eyes twice a day, and had to learn how to help him find his way around his new home.

Tonight I went back to Bulldog Rescue Of St. Louis website just to see if Harley had gotten a home. I took a couple of screen shots of him with his new family, and I swear he is smiling! The Hulk smiles - we've all seen him do it, but we just can't catch it on film. There were two wonderful pictures among several that really touched me, and I wanted to share them with you tonight, as it was a joyful experience for me. Even an animal does not have to see to experience love, and feel warm hands upon him, and peaceful voices surrounding him.

I'm happy for you Harley! Your sure deserve the very best! Congratulations to St. Louis Bulldog Rescue too!


  1. He is smiling. He knows he has found a beautiful couple of humans that have overlooked his disability and will love him regardless. There is a lesson to be learned here to all of us humans. Either man or beast, the disabled deserves being loved and not pitied.

  2. You know, I didn't pity him that much. It just made me very angry, but I wanted to just hug him and cuddle him and let him know he was loved. They respond so much to touch and voice. I"m glad I went back to see how he was tonight. It made my day!