Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's amazing what you find when you pack to move. The movers are loading the trucks on the 29th, so we are really pushing to get things done. So many things that I am packing remind me of my home. Southwestern candles everywhere, scrapbooks of the La Plata County Fair, my friends, and my sons when they were in 4H. I suppose that subconsciously we planned it this way, but didn't realize it at first. On October 3rd, 1985 we pulled into our driveway with two moving trucks in Durango, Colorado. On October 3rd we will pull into our driveway in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. It makes me wonder where 26 years have gone, and it seems that some of the things that happened to me there happened to another person.
I believe that if you are connected to something so strongly, and in tune with it deep in your soul, miracles come from it. They may not be recognized as miracles when they happen, but they are, and I know that they are drawn to you when you become one with your surroundings. You draw them to you without realizing it, and it may take years before you do recognize them for what they truly are.
Every night after a long days work I will write this post until I finish it, and then it will be closer to the time that we will be leaving. There were so many events from the very beginning that I look back on today, and am thankful for how fortunate I was to have experienced them. Some little ones, like seeing a double rainbow the second day we moved into our new home in 1985, and watching the cowboys drive their cattle down from the high country along our road. For someone who always loved the west, these were personal, small miracles. The big ones came a little later.
She was about 6 months old the first time I saw her. I had already formed a bond with her grandmother, her mother and her brother, but she was different. Her hair was almost black, and it was silky. Her eyes were blue, which is an unusual combination. Later they turned brown. She showed warmth towards me from the beginning. There was not the usual, awkward period that takes the time to gain trust for one another. She was wild, and she was free, but a part of her had connected to me so strongly that we communicated on our own level. Speech was not necessary.
To be continued............

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