Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning! I was actually able to finish a pattern last night and get Edith Choiniere's French workshop and patterns online. I did not have fun with the French. Edith did a great job translating for me but when you don't know what you are putting out there for people it's a little scary.
Right now I have absolutely no design time and have dozens of ideas running around in my head. Robert started packing our movies last night. I had no idea how many we had. Good Grief! Anyone know what you do with VCR movies? I would think it would cost a fortune to have them put on DVD. I have a few that are real treasures, like the unabridged version of "Dances With Wolves". We still have an old VCR player.
The little pattern I finished last night was taken from a collection I did years ago, but I loved one panel of it, so I doubled the size, added place mats and it's a happy little table runner. Not great for this time of year, but hey, who says you have to give just winter things as Holiday gifts? I was pleased with the outcome.
The next chore is to get folks over here to help us pack what we consider to be "unpackable", like all of our framed art pictures, lamps and lamp shades. Actually so many things we have came from the west, and some are strange shapes. I also collect pottery and have some really unusual pieces I have picked up here and there over the years. I like surrounding myself with creative things that are handmade, and western art.
I am getting ready for a Newsletter on Sunday night with a fabulous offer to non members of Pam's Club and our members will get it FREE too! Also a great deal on our Big Book!
This weekend I am going to be a PACKING FOOL! I do hope this is the last move. Enough is enough!

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