Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hi Everybody! Thought I would post this on my BLOG because everyone on my Facebook pages gets to see it too. The last week has been pretty hectic for me. We are THRILLED with the response and kind letters we are receiving about Pam's Club. Keep it up you all because I'm sure going to need you and we are going to be putting new additions on continually.
I have an important announcement which may not surprise too many of our fans who have known us for a very long time. Robert and I are moving back to Pagosa Springs, Colorado the first part of October. Don't worry, the website and all of your emails will be in good hands during our 1,600 mile move - but it is a permanent move.
Despite the great love that we have for our son Dallas and our adorable little grandchildren, our hearts are in Colorado. We are Colorado. We want the opportunity to spend the rest of our lives there and have our grandchildren come out and visit us and show them what true beauty, wildlife and peacefulness is all about. Susan and I want to put Chiara and Logan on Aztec (Susan's pony) and buy them cowboy hats!!
I am attaching some photos of our new home. For those who are not familiar with Santa Fe style adobe homes, this is what we love. It's hard to tell much from the photo of the home, but it is 3,000 sf. on 5 acres which backs up to national forest land. The lot next to us is 17 acres and is pine forest and vacant. The entire front of the house is a wall of windows overlooking the San Juan mountains. There are deer in the yard, my adorable little Abert Squirrels, coons, Elk, an occasional bear and probably some skunks for The Incredible Hulk to chase. He will NEVER BE ON A LEASH AGAIN! He will be free to smell all of his favorite things and we will be right with him. I will walk out of the door and smell the pines and be very, very grateful. Hulk can sit at the front windows and look at all of the chipmunks that he used to bark at - and the deer!
Our entire team from Colorado will be back with us. Susan, of course, who is like a sister. She is responsible for finding this home for us. Molly will be back with us - we have missed her so very much. All of our dear friends are there, and there are plenty of airplanes for our family here in Georgia to fly on and be with us as the house has plenty of bedrooms.
We were targeting the end of April, but when Susan found this, and the opportunity presented itself, we grabbed it.
In October, you will, once again receive Newsletters with continual photos of Colorado and the wildlife, Durango and the area that is so very important to us. We may even end up with a Bulldog puppy......who knows!
I can't thank all of you enough for your support and the lovely emails I am receiving. Every single one of you are deeply appreciated.
Love & Hugs!


  1. AWESOME.....I never thought you should have left...

  2. OMG what a beautifull view. But I would have to have to wash all those windows. lol

  3. 'bout time you came BACK to us !!! We sure have miss'd you here in the Rockies!!!!


  4. That makes two of us. We just want to sit on the deck for a day, look at the pines & the mountains, put up an Abert Squirrel feeder, let the Incredible Hulk out in the yard without a least to smell to his hearts content and RELAX! Our entire Colorado team is back with us and waiting on the other end. I just want to hug all of them. I am so very grateful!

  5. I knew you wouldn't stay in Ga. long. I knew you hated it here from the moment you came, which is fine since Colorado is so Gorgeous. A great place to live. Being from Ohio and moving to Savannah, I don't ever want to go back. I am sure if I left a beautiful state like Colorado, I would have been in a much different position. I know this has been a very rough year for you and I wish you all the best, and great happiness, which by judging by your new home, I some how don't think you will be too miserable, laugh! How can your family not want to come and visit you.. Great Surroundings, Great Mom and Dad!

  6. Hi Renée! I'm a little slow getting around to reading everything and posting. We are absolutely counting the days. Robert, being Italian
    is going to make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, I'll make the salad,
    and we are going to have one heck of a party once we get settled.
    Hoping our kids will come next summer and get out of this miserable
    heat and humidity! YUCK!