Friday, July 29, 2011

Sorry I have missed posting. Our Newsletter is going out in different groups making sure that the new upgrade we put on the Membership side works correctly, and it is......Hooray! I have been fielding people who forget their Usernames and Passwords, so for our members, write it down in a notebook or keep it near your computer. We want everyone to enjoy the new things we are putting on.
You know, anyone in this country right now is scared, including us! I also think the more you watch the news, the more scared you get as the media has a way of making it even worse than it is. I guess I'm an optimist, but I believe everyone will get through whatever happens. I have never posted anything like this, but there really needs to be drastic changes in this country in my humble opinion. The people we elect to represent us appear to me to be caring only for their party and getting re-elected. Robert and I talk about this often with our friends. Roberts thoughts in this: Make a flat 10% tax for everyone across the board and quit subsidizing the big corporations that are making huge profits. This way the very rich would not have all of the tax shelters that they seem to have and would pay their fair share.
American jobs are going overseas, craftsmanship in this country is becoming a lost art. The interest rate on credit cards is horrible and nothing is being done to reduce that, but boy, do they hit everyone with getting more and more credit cards - especially the young people! It sit here at my age and see all of this and it makes me very sad.
For my quilting friends out there.......we have more foreign memberships than American. These memberships are from all over the world: Spain, France, S. Africa, Australia, Canada, Brazil, England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, etc. It has just amazed me. I know you are all scared, but Americans need to support Americans too.
We are attempting to do our part by giving you new ways of doing things so that you spend less on items you do not need to do certain techniques, along with hundreds of patterns and discounts. This isn't a sales pitch, although it sounds like it, but it's disturbing to me to see more people from other countries than my own - and there are a lot of them!
Keep quilting - all of you. Do what relaxes you and makes you feel good. If everyone panics, it won't do anything! Keep a stiff upper lip! Hugs to all of you!

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