Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dallas said, when I started this BLOG to write about me and the things that are important to me and influence my daily life. I have to say that my Newsletters to our mailing list were a lot more fun in Colorado because I was able to really put my love of the area into it with beautiful photos, and that is where everyone (including me) got hooked on "The Boys!" We lost our beautiful, funny, and exceptionally intelligent English Bulldog, "The Earl Of Brumley" in October, so that sort of ended "The Boys". We are still fortunate enough to have "The Incredible Hulk" who is one adorable little 70 lb. cube bodied character. He will be 9 on September 17th.
The photo in my Newsletter that started it all is the one with the two of them on the back end of our car when we were packing orders in the car to take to the post office. Bulldogs can not jump, therefore they stand there with their short back legs just moving up and down, yet they go nowhere! It is hilarious! Robert caught the famous photo and we added it to the Newsletter with a caption that read: "You think we could get more orders in here Bubba?" So they became a feature in my Newsletters to let everyone in on an important part of our lives. They received fan mail from all over the world, and the night I posted a photo of The Earl on my home page when he passed away, I received hundreds of letters, emails, - you name it - from all over the world. So The Earl touched a lot of lives and it made it a bit easier.
I have had dogs all of my life. We bought our first English Bull over 30 years ago when we lived in St. Louis. They are all different, and they all do their own hysterical things. They are the one breed that I have had that actually gets expressions on their faces and they are very humanlike. Three of our Bulldogs, including The Earl were avid TV watchers. The Earl could tell the difference between an animated animal on TV and a real one. If a real one appeared, he would jump up to the TV to try and get it. The Hulk is the only Bulldog we have had that is capable of sitting up. He actually moves his little arms up and down, and reaches out for us to hold his paw. We need a camera with us continually to capture what he does.
So, for anyone looking for a breed that continually makes you smile and laugh, and only wants to be with you and love you, this is it! They are now very expensive to get a good one without inbreeding, but they are worth every penny. For those who are not familiar with the breed, they can not stand the heat, they frequently have health issues, and they definitely CAN NOT swim! You can not leave them outside in hot weather as they can die within 3 minutes. No car trips without air conditioning. If you are looking for a companion to go running with you - they are not for you. Read up on the breed before you consider one and the responsibilities that go with them.
They have all added so much to our lives over 30 years, it's impossible to even describe. There will be another baby bull in our future, but not now, and not where we are living. The puppies are irresistible.

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