Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am continually fascinated with the people who "Friend" me on Facebook from all over the world. I actually watched part of the movie "The Social Network" last night, and although I am not impressed with the way it ended up, I think something was created with Facebook that was obviously really needed and has served a great purpose.
I look at the people's work who "Friend" me and the more I look at them and their work, the more it strikes me that Facebook put normal, everyday people together from all over the world. This has also given me a great insight and provoked a lot of thought about wars, and this proves the point. I am posting photos here from a lady in Pakistan, ladies in Argentine, a lady in India who made an adaptation of our Flying Home quilt, and one from Italy. What do these people have in common? Not the way they dress, obviously, nor the homes they live in, but quilting, which is a shared art form all over the world. I have many people from Istanbul, Turkey "Friending" me, and am fascinated by the American patchwork that is there, but their elegant embroidery.
When you dig a little deeper, how many of you think about what these normal folks on our planet who are living their everyday lives, and enjoying an art form together do to cause wars? In my humble opinion - nothing. Do they think differently? Yes. Do they have different beliefs? Yes. Is it different from what you believe? Perhaps it is, but that is not what I see when I look at their work, nor do I care about what they think, or what they believe. I look at the smiles on their faces and the pride they take in their work. That's enough for me! How about you?
The photo of the work in progress on a very dated (looks like industrial) machine is one of our designs. This lady is from Pakistan. She has posted on my fan page a few times. This is the only type of machine available to her and fabric there, is a precious commodity.
The ladies standing with their work are from Argentina, and the cute little pincushion was made from a lady in Argentina.
The adaptation of Flying Home from a lady in India. I loved the way she added the trees. And last but not least our Sunflower quilt by a lady in Italy, and the beautiful flower also by a fan in Italy.
I hope that you enjoy this and look within yourselves with all of these people coming together in friendship and say: "They are really not that different from me!"

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