Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Morning! As I mentioned before, when folks "Friend" me on Facebook, I realize that 99% of the time they are quilters, and 1% of the time, they are other designers. I believe these networked BLOGS are to help each other out. I noticed this ladies work probably about 2-3 months ago. So much goes on in my life that unless I write it down, I forget dates, but I do remember that her work really impressed me. Her name is Melissa Grant, and she is from Victoria, Australia, where we have a lot of fans. Love the people from OZ!!
There are several things that struck me about Melissa's work. I has a very distinctive look which makes it her "own look". That kind of self expression always makes me look twice. I do not
like going through a show and seeing one booth after another that are "Clones" of each other. This is NOT one of those. If you are on Facebook, search for her at
OneDayInMay.MelissaGrant. She makes very spectacular fabric flowers as well. This one is really worth a look. I'm including some screen shots I took of her work. Take note of the gathered borders - especially on the table runner. The fabric boxes also struck me as they have a "Scrappy", yet elegant look and her suggested use is for your Stash Fabrics! It gives it an entirely different look. Good Luck Melissa! I love your work!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Melissa's designs are beautiful. I found that she has a web site
    Hope that you are enjoying blogging.

  2. It gets me away from the same old thing. I enjoy talking about my work, the things I love and promoting other people's talents.