Saturday, July 16, 2011

I seem to be missing days with this BLOG, but the thoughts are in my mind, just not enough hours in the day right now. I have just completed 9 new blocks that are now online in Pam's Club for BEGINNERS. Yes, for beginners using our assistant designer, Susan's wonderful new techniques. What a great thing for beginners to learn. I'm proud of Susan's work, and I am proud of Susan who is a fine example of what I am about to write. Susan had never been on a computer when she began working for us and certainly not a complicated drawing program.
My son has been reading posts about me on different chat rooms, 90% of which are very favorable with the exception of one woman who said my name made her nauseous, and I assume it was because she had problems with putting a design together that frustrated her. My only explanation for such a statement from a person who does not know me personally, nor do I know her is frustration and inner anger at everything around them.
With the artistic personality that I have, it is difficult for me to understand people who carry this kind of frustration (or whatever the explanation is) into contempt for another human being they don't even know. It does not hurt me, only fascinates me as I am doing a great study on human nature and behavior in the writing of my book.
I hold fast to my beliefs and my convictions regarding the art of quilting that I have practiced and designed now for over 30 years. Quilting is an art form, which is why, as a watercolor artist, many years ago, I had inspiration for creating beautiful things. I think because as an art form, I hear or read about far too many people who are negative in this way: "I wish I had the talent to do that". "It's too hard, I would never attempt that". "I can't do that!" Well folks, that is why there are people in our industry to teach you how to do it right. It takes time and patience, and the answer is not slapping 4" squares together and calling it a quilt.
Consequently we have put new techniques on our website to train beginners (and quilters who are stuck in a rut) so that they can take pride in their work.
Again there are two photos here. One from a lady who "friended" me on Facebook and one from her friend. It is obvious to me that the quilts are paper pieced, but what impresses me the most is that they are so proud of what they have accomplished.
The creativity and craftsmanship that was in this country from our forefathers (and mothers) left and went overseas, which makes me ill. Quilting has even gone there with the cheaply made quilts that can be purchased in most department store chains for a very minimal price, and then fall apart after 2 washings. The materials are bargain basement as is the workmanship.
Our fast paced country has brought about the beginning of a lost art, and it makes me very sad. For those who post: "I can't do that", or "It's too hard", take a look at these photos. I don't understand "I can't do that" if you haven't tried and practiced a little.
These quilters had to learn somewhere, and they obviously practiced because they had a passion for learning and doing it right. To them, I salute you for having patience, and the desire to make something beautiful....and to all of my fans on my Facebook Fan page....You can do what you set your mind to do. You just need a "kick start!" It's not a contest of how many quilts you can churn out in a years time. It's looking at what you have done and being able to say: "I am so proud of myself. Look at what I did!"
The brown quilt is Carol Moeller's "Stanza Della Signatura" which was selected as a finalist in the 2010 International Quilting Assn. Houston Festival annual judged show, and the glorious red on the black background is from her friend, Michelle who took 4th place at the Iowa State Fair.

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