Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Pam.

My son, Dallas has told me that the BLOG is about me, my interests, what influences me, and what I am doing. I think its also important to use this space to feature others whom I feel are especially talented and point out my reasons why I feel they are. Some of that particular content could pertain to a design style, colors - anything that I feel strongly about regarding a design.

You can expect about anything from me; from quilts to English Bulldogs, to my grandchildren, our son, and to the book I am beginning to write about Durango, Colorado, where my true home and heart is and the history of my family, dating back to 1886. I'm always busy, with 100 things going through my head all at once, so self discipline to stay on task is a must in my life.

We moved to Georgia about a year and a half ago with "The Boys", our two English Bulldogs. I am adding a photo of the two of them in Colorado, helping us to pack the car with all of the orders to fill. This is the "famous" photo of "The Boys" as everyone tagged them. It got to the point where our fans expected something from them in every Newsletter, and they did get it!! We lost our white one last October 2nd. He was "The Earl of Brumley", and it was difficult, but I'm going to let the "Incredible Hulk" greet you this first time around.

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  1. Waving back at the Hulk :^) Murphy and Mr. Bear send greetings. And thank Dallas for the cinnamon roll recipe, I plan to try that one next weekend.