Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oops! Missed yesterday completely! One last pattern to finish and they are all online!! Tonight maybe I will get back to my book; then next up is Susan's gorgeous log cabin Christmas Collection.
I do love looking at my fans work when someone "Friends" me on Facebook. I am getting all of these "Friend" requests from all over the world, and I wonder how these people have heard about me. I find this Social Network to be very fascinating.
I referred to one of Ruth Wilson's quilts I think on my very first post, and I went back this morning and looked at more of them. We have a beautiful Canadian Geese quilt in our Big Book Of Rotary Cutter quilts and I guess everyone and their sisters have made that one, but I have never seen anything like Ruth's, and I just love it. I don't use many grays in my quilts, but Ruth has found the trick to really make them look spectacular. Here she has combined patchwork (once again) with piecing, and the large open space in the center of the quilt, really makes the subject matter in that space stand out. This is a wonderful use for grays and browns.
I also noticed a table runner made by another "Friend" on Facebook by the name of Bill Locke. When I thumbed through Bill's quilts it immediately caught my eye. It's a bit hard to tell a lot about the fabrics from the photo, but again, I love his mixture of grays and browns. The main thing I liked about this piece was his use of the gold in the center, and it is just the right gold. Not brassy! Just a nice, soft gold which makes the flower in the center even more lovely.
Because I don't pay a lot of attention to what other designers do, I have no idea if this design was from a pattern by another designer, but the way it was executed is really nice. Good job Bill!
Before someone asks the question: "Why don't you look at other designers work?" I will answer it. Okay, I featured Melissa Grant the other day because I think her work is different and unique, as I do with Robyn Coots who is a fabulous appliqué designer in Australia. Those two really caught my eye, but I don't make it a general rule to look at other people's books, patterns, etc. No, I'm anything but a snob, but the answer to the question is that I do not like to be influenced by someone else's work. This way, I always have my own approach and I stick with it.
Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. Hi Pam,
    So glad that you like my Sunflower Table Runner...the pattern is actually one of my own BILL LOCKE DESIGNS and is called "MY CHARMING SUNFLOWER GARDEN"....I had such a blast with this one.... I was honored that you selected it for your blog - THANKS!
    A long-time fan,

  2. Bill, I had no idea you had a BLOG when I posted your table runner photo. I just TRIED to make a big point on my post today and you really re-inforced it. I just gave everyone your URL for your BLOG. Keep up the good work!