Saturday, July 16, 2011

Will miracles never cease! Here's Pam Again!! I just received this letter and photo from Carol Moellers and I stand corrected. She made BOTH of the quilts that are shown. Her friend, Michelle made the one pictured in this post.
You must read the part about Michelle's husband Tim. Now here's a man who was looking at the beautiful things these ladies were doing and who taught Tim? Someone helped him with long arm quilting.
Great letter from a great lady who also owns a veterinary clinic and is also very busy! ENJOY THIS! I sure did! And by the way, Ricky Tims is not only talented, but from what I understand, a wonderful teacher.

Hi Pam, I just came in from doing yard work outside. Hot, sticky, and tired, I thought I would cool down with a nice glass of ice tea and check emails. Boy, did I have a very nice surprise. I can't tell you how much this made my day. It was a lovely blog but I do want to let you know the black and red quilt is also mine. It is called Northern Lights. I made it with Eileen Fowler's permission from a pattern in Quilter's Newsletter magazine. It was my 2009 Christmas quilt. It received a 2nd place award in the Wall Quilts at the 2010 Iowa State Fair. I was so tickled. My friend Michelle made a king size that was stunning. I attached a picture of her quilt. It was made as a wedding gift for her new sister-in-law. Her quilt won 4th place in the Bed Quilts. Both were beautifully quilted by Michelle's husband Tim. Tim was seeing all the fun we were having and decided he wanted to be part of this fun expression of art.
Your blog was wonderful. I have been sewing and quilting for awhile now but I just started to enter quilts in show during the last year. I thought why not. They put the entry form out there for everyone. I just wanted to share and make some new quilting friends. I can not think of a better way to meet wonderful people. The sharing that happens between quilters is amazing. During this last year I have been blessed to have met new friends from Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, California, Norway, Germany, Canada, and England. I had the opportunity to meet a few of them down at IQF in Houston last Fall. It was wonderful. This year 10 of us are meeting at a special retreat at Ricky Tims Art Studio in October in LaVeta, Colorado. I have to say, the art of quilting has opened a whole new world for me. It is a way to relieve stress, meet new friends, and express my creativity. There is nothing I enjoy more then to come home from a busy day at the clinic and enjoy an hour of divine quilting time. I am anxiously waiting to hear if I will have a quilt juried in again to IQF World of Beauty show. Stanza was last year, and I am hoping Cripple Creek Columbines will get the honor to hang in the show this year.
Thank you so much for the inspirational words to all quilters. I love your designs. I was peeking around your web site. Oh my. You are one talented lady!!!! I love your Daisies in the Cabin design. I have just downloaded the PDF a few minutes ago. It is just wonderful!!! I think I have just found my 2011 Christmas quilt for this year. I have been looking for just the right quilt and there it is. Just to clue you in on a little secret I am going to enter it in the 1st International Quilt Festival of Ireland show. They have a category for Christmas quilts (which are my favorite) and I am going to enter one. I hope I have your permission to make a quilt from your design. I may add some appliqué but overall I just love this pattern. My husband and I are going over in June to visit were my Great-grandparents lived, explore Ireland, and enjoy a wonderful quilt show.
Well, I best get back to yard work. It was nice chatting with you and thank you so much for your inspiring words!!!!

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