Sunday, July 10, 2011

This post was something I found very inspirational this morning. I first saw Heron Dance on Facebook and joined their Newsletter. Many times when the Newsletter appears, it is just the inspiration that I need to help me at that particular time. The Newsletters always contain the creator's paintings. It helped this morning. Lately I find myself getting up every morning with memories of my home haunting me, and this was one of those mornings.
This was written by a writer by the name of Frazier Hunt and was in Redbook magazine about Helen Keller. I am including a screen shot of the painting.

One July afternoon at our ranch in the Canadian Rockies I rode toward Helen Keller’s cabin. Along the wagon trail that ran through a lovely wood we had stretched a wire, to guide Helen when she walked there alone, and as I turned down the trail I saw her coming.
I sat motionless while this woman who was doomed to live forever in a black and silent prison made her way briskly down the path, her face radiant. She stepped out of the woods into a sunlit open space directly in front of me and stopped by a clump of wolf willows. Gathering a handful, she breathed their strange fragrance: her sightless eyes looked up squarely into the sun, and her lips, so magically trained, pronounced the single word “Beautiful!” Then, still smiling, she walked past me.
I brushed the tears from my own inadequate eyes. For to me none of this exquisite highland had seemed beautiful. I had felt only bitter discouragement over the rejection of a piece of writing. I had eyes to see all the wonders of woods, sky and mountains, ears to hear the rushing stream and the song of the wind in the treetops. It took the sightless eyes and sealed ears of this extraordinary woman to show me beauty, and bravery.
- Frazier Hunt, from Redbook magazine

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