Sunday, July 24, 2011

One quick post tonight. I'm really slammed!
I finally got an iPhone! I'm learning how to use it and when taking a break for dinner, I tried the iPod! OH MY! Anyone that knows us knows we love Barry Manilow.........BUT..........there is hope.........we do like others too!
I was standing on the back screened in porch with these tiny little speakers in my ears listening to "Flashdance" and I was dancing, waving my arms, singing with it, which means you can't hear what you are singing so you sing way out of tune! All of this in the heat but I didn't care!
Good thing our neighbors are on vacation. If anyone had seen me they would have thought I was ready to be put in a straight-jacket! Lord, what fun! I LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!
Our little granddaughter's B'Day is Tuesday and her party is at our house on Saturday. I have got to expose my grandchildren to FLASHDANCE! Positive music! Good music! Fun music!

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