Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When my son, Dallas encouraged me to start a BLOG, he expressed the fact to me that I could just be myself and write what I wanted (within reason, of course). I have an assistant designer. Her name is Susan Clark. Susan is not only my assistant, but a very close, dear friend and one of the kindest and most talented people I have ever known.
For at least 8 months, Susan and I have studied every way possible to make both Flying Geese and Triangle-Squares, and with many of them we have said the same thing: "WHY go to all of this trouble?" So we have let it rest all of this time.
Susan and I have been separated now for a year and a half by 1,600 miles, but it does not keep us from communicating all of the time. With some of the methods there are size limitations, which we felt was not very helpful, and could get expensive.
Last month, Susan joined me at the Tennessee Valley Quilters Assn. to teach for 3 days. Susan had come up with a fabulous way to make a Bear Paw block without Triangle-Squares and we decided to test it on 7 ladies that were in a class. They loved it and even wanted to demonstrate it at their guild. Susan was prompted to do this because of one lady who was a BEGINNING QUILTER.
Susan helps out part time at a store in Pagosa Spring, CO. called "Eagle Mountain Mercantile". Now this store sells everything from hardware to guns and ammo to quilting supplies and according to Susan, some really nice fabric! One day, late in the afternoon a lady came in and was very distressed (as Susan put it). She was a BEGINNER and just had to have a "Squaring Up Ruler". Susan asked her what it was for and she said "For making Flying Geese. I was told it's the only way, and I must have over 100 of them done!" Susan, being the way that she is helped the lady with the ruler.
When Susan and I met in Tennessee, we decided it was time to try to give quilters a choice - especially beginners. So we have created a series of videos which are now on Pam's Club with pdf patterns with the videos. The video is right here on my blog. Third one down. If you learn from this, please spread the word. The video is also on the Welcome page of my Facebook Fan page and the home page of Pam's Club. ENJOY!


  1. Hello, I have become your follower #5. I will be checking out the club as soon as I get some spare time. Welcome to Blog land.

  2. Hi Pam and I have become your follower #6 :) Your blog looks great and tell your son thanks heaps for talking you into starting one up as I am sure you will have loads of fun with it along the way. hugs Vicki

  3. Thanks you two! More to come. Really appreciated!