Monday, July 25, 2011

It occurred to me today when I was working on my Newsletter that I would love to get feedback on HUNTERS STAR. When Susan was doing research for her new techniques that do not involve any Triangle-Squares, she came across hundreds of traditional blocks that could be accomplished so easily with her technique. This one just happened to be our favorite because there are so many variations and so many ways you can turn it, color it to make it look completely different.
Susan studied the blocks and did what we call the "blow aparts", and I chose the fabrics and did the actual patterns, which is the way we work as a team when she designs something special.
In studying all of the blocks, and looking at a lot of videos, which we normally do not do, we could not believe some of the laborious ways that people put these blocks together. Rulers, templates, paper, drawing lines. I guess our main question was "WHY?"
I think we both would be interested in knowing how each of you have put this block together, and what you went through to accomplish one of the most popular blocks that we found.
We had fun with this one. Susan on her end (in Colorado), turning it, placing it in different ways to get the variations, and me (in Georgia) finding fabrics that worked to emphasize the beautiful arrow shapes that form such a wonderful star.
I would actually love to make a quilt for myself from this one. 15 of my quilts are traveling the UK right now and many are in my trunk show, so we change quilts frequently on our bed. I would like to have one that STAYS THERE!

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  1. sure looks interesting. can't wait to find out how to do it!